About Me

I work on high performance storage systems in Google Cloud.


  • I worked on userspace threading in storage infrastructure for Google.
  • As a 20% project, I worked on reinforcement learning to improve ML performance in Google Brain.
  • I worked on query understanding and NLP in Google Search.
  • I worked on distributed systems at Uber.
  • I wrote a machine-learning system for reviewing YC applications, now used in production.
  • DataNitro, Excel + Python integration. (YC S12)
  • My emacs and bash setup.
  • I worked through every exercise in SICP.


I used to consult, with a focus on high-performance data analysis. Projects included:

  • Improving ad-spend algorithms.
  • A real-time dispatch algorithm for on-demand booking.
  • A pricing and optimization model for book publishing.